current work

Design Notebook


urban print Collections

micro-batch hand printed textiles inspired by cities


My designs and prints are inspired by things that are special about the places we call home, the cities and each house that is lived in and loved.


wildflower collection

My wildflower collection is inspired by the places I love and the natural restorative beauty of these flowers. Ever since my undergraduate studies much emphasis has been placed on these wonderful plants. With my inaugural line, I thought I would celebrate them and encourage people to plant native plants in their own homes. With the planting of these flowers you can restore the earth and natural eco-systems of your local ecology.




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City Grids

I developed city grids through a study of city maps. I discovered underlying patterns in the cities that I studied, revealing repeats that tell the story of how that city functions. The grids are printed on fabrics and joined to floral patterns that reiterate what I call the garden and the grid. 


Street Flowers

I developed street flowers as a tribute to the formal bouquets of flowers that adorn our city streets. Often times these flowers are in pre-sorted bundles ready to take home and add color and nature to our apartments and houses above the ground. There is nothing better than a fresh bouquet on the table and the view of the buildings across the street through the glass. My grids and stripes represent the buildings that we navigate on our way around the city. 


Journal // the story behind my designs