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When I think about your project, I think about how you live. I need to know where you drop your bags when you walk in the door and where you hang out the most, how do you eat dinner? How do you use your kitchen? My focus is making your space work for you and your family because I think about the details of life that make your home work. When you walk into your home, you should feel warm and happy. You know that your home and everything in it matters because it tells your story and reminds you of the people you love.


Interior Design

Pricing starts at $150

With my E-Design services, I can help you wherever you are! I love helping people all over and can do a lot from your photographs and learning a little bit about you and your home. 

How it works

One Room Decor

  • I will email you a sample packet for you to fill out and go through step by step.
  • You will email it back to me (taking photos from your phone or scanning them on a copier works great.
  • I will send you your own design for your room complete with a mood board, plan, and shopping list. 

Custom Space Plan Design

  • I will email you a design packet for you to fill out and email back. 

What you get: A space plan can include complete drawings for how to imagine your space differently. This would generally include a plan of your home and how to change it up. I will not be able to verify plans that require moving load bearing walls, as that would have to be done with a licensed local contractor. Most space plans are designed to use the space you have better, keeping things generally in place but this is on a case by case basis. 

In home consultation $75 an hour

I am more than happy to come to your home and learn about you and your story. I'd love to know what you would love to change and get the feel for your space and how you and your family are using it. Sometimes we think we really want something one way because it looks beautiful in a photo but when you get it, it doesn't work for you! Once we consult, I will provide you with some feedback and we can decide where to go from there and what your budget will allow. I can take your project from decorating & space design ideas to a full renovation. I can even help you come up with a plan if you want to work in phases. 

Plain & Simple: You just need some tips and a great pinterest board to get you going! 

One room please: Is there only one room in your house that is driving you nuts but you are afraid that if you start with it, then it will snowball into a full house renovation? Well, I am happy to just help you solve one problem at a time. Sometimes, depending on what you want to do, some color suggestions for adjacent rooms may be necessary etc... 

Let's DO this! If you are the most adventurous person and just want me to take the wheel, I am happy to take on your full renovation. I have endured so many of my own, I totally get it if you want to just get it all done at once. If we can work up a plan that you love, we can go from there. With this option, I will work out a quote for you to approve as the hourly rate may not apply. 


Are you ready or have some questions? Go ahead and use the form below to email me and we can start a conversation. 

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 1890 Workman's Cottage

1890 Workman's Cottage