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fall 2017



alyson beaton



I am currently taking a break from all social media, my brain became tired. If you would like to find me, work with me or buy my products, you can check in right here or you have some choices: 1. find me walking down the street and call my name (I always look)  2. find me at a market in Chicago or Austin 3. sign up for my email list  4. get some snail mail from me! 


Hello, I hope to see you this winter!

less is more // surround yourself with beautiful things that you love, & support local makers. 


design notes: textiles

my worries: our impact on the planet & how my work is eco-responsible and spreading the love of our planet.  


Projects and products for my winter shows

I am constantly striving to put things into the world that people use everyday, I am extremely practical and believe that if you use things that have meaning you think about that meaning every time you use it. The pieces I create have a message of love and protection of our planet. 

I am constantly on the search for materials that matter. If I create something I believe that it should not harm the earth and that it is responsibly made. I create in limited batches because I see myself as just one person in a community not an industrial machine of production. I make because it is what I do. I have been working to narrow down my materials list. My criteria are: sustainability of material, durability of material, feeling of material. I think I have narrowed it down to linens that have not been dyed, organic cotton, made in the USA and am exploring some natural wools made in the USA. 

The earth is not ours to destroy