Lille Huset Dollhouses


Lille Huset dollhouses

Lille Huset was a product offered for a moment in time, when the message of placing value in our cities was at risk. Designed to combat the belief system our time has come to know as suburban sprawl, these little houses were created to send a message to a young generation of investment in smaller meaningful communities within cities. Through play the child is encouraged to engage social and environmental concepts that transcend the activity and are designed to impact a new mindset about our urban environment. The playfulness and whimsy is meant to illustrate the uniqueness of each home, combatting conformity of lifestyle and home being representative of the individual who inhabits the space.

This was an activist architecture experiment, independently distributed nationally and internationally. Over 50,000 units sold. The work was produced between 2013-2015.I created a new product called Lille Huset Dollhouses (meaning little house). The project started with crowdfunding on kickstarter and grew from there. I designed, branded, created all the bits and pieces of the line over the course of 7 years. This project was distributed through stores in the USA and abroad including: Barneys, J. Crew, Paper Source, Nordstrom, Walker Art Center Gift Shop, The National Gallery Gift Shop, ABC Home and Carpet, Heath Ceramics, The National Building Museum and many many more. 

The Story

Lille huset is inspired by a little house in Logan square, a little neighborhood in a big city. This little house has lived in the city for a long time, over 100 years. The family that built lille huset was a Norwegian family who came to this neighborhood to start a new life.  Today a modern family lives in this house and loves it very much. They are taking time to make it a new modern home so it can live for 100 more years. 

Lille Huset dollhouses are a complete collection of paperboard houses that kids can build, decorate and create her/his own neighborhood or city. The collection includes friends, pets, and loads of paperboard accessories to go with the houses. The houses have been lucky enough to receive lots of media mentions and Creative Play Toy awards.


The Collection


A video that was made about my products by Chicago TV. 



NOTE: They were designed to be a hands on making and playing product. I thought that if kids could make their own home, be it a small cottage or a 2-flat or a high rise apartment building, it would change the perception of a cultural desire for a large victorian mansion dream house. The houses were designed to be sold as a collection so kids could build an entire neighborhood. 


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