Mini Logan Square // Chicago


A Holiday Spectacle- exhibit

Mini Logan Square was an art installation and collaboration within the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago with the intention to be a celebrated holiday spectacle of wonder. This exhibition explores the value and wonder of urban habitats through dioramas. Artists were invited to explore the blank walls of housing archetypes, creating independent narratives that when woven together simulate an over characterization of city dwellers. The intention was to bring viewers into examining the whimsical diversity within a city that appears outwardly visually consistent. Celebrating this human habitation and lively nature of place, as a moment, in time and creating narratives to be considered beyond the exhibit. Attendees were invited to explore and engage with a moment in time where this miniature world would be a holiday spectacle.

Curated by Alyson Beaton participants include: Jillian Barthold, Zach Dodson, Rachel Coulter, Alyson Beaton, Gabrielle, Sara, Petra Probstner,