// Street Flowers //

This series of screen prints on paper and fabric are inspired by the formal floral bundles that one passes on a busy urban street corner. The hard surfaces, noise, and movement within the city is broken by the brief introduction of overwhelming colorful bouquets that pop up when least expected. Although an interpretation of brightness and color, these prints are mono chromatic relying on texture and line to illustrate the moments of subtle interaction of organic forms.


Screen prints on grey paper using subtle color represents the city and the emerging softness of these transformative bouquets. All prints are individually monochromatic but when placed together create the feeling of the city and these floral bouquets.


Toronto Design Week is a celebration of design throughout the city of Toronto. I installed my new collection of textile patterns in the window of the Province Apothecary on Dundas Street.


Applying the patterns to urban transportation makes a statement about individuality within an urban context. With the use of screen printed fabrics, many everyday items can be created. By creating hand crafted artifacts for use and distribution within the city makes an intended statement about the wonder of diversity and unique people who inhabit this space. When creating this work, the bespoke qualities reference the role of maker and value of individuality within a larger ecosystem.