Street Flowers


Street Flowers

I began to create my new collection of patterns and designs based on the flowers that exist in cities that are around every corner. When I recall walking down the street in New York surrounded by concrete on all sides, I am overwhelmed with joy to see fresh bouquets on display at small markets and corner stores. The vibrancy that the flowers bring to an otherwise overwhelming display of hard surfaces are a welcome vision that take over my senses and make me smile.


Toronto Design Week is a celebration of design throughout the city of Toronto. I installed my new collection of textile patterns in the window of the Province Apothecary on Dundas Street. The event is held in February, one of the coldest months in the north. My approach to the window display was to incorporate my bold flowers and patterns that would brighten even the greyest of days. My color palate is influenced by graffiti art and murals that inhabit city walls.  


Friendly Neighbor Prints: I began working on a collection of screen prints that highlight my street flower patterns. Plant A Flower Garden is the first in the series.


On display at a design market in Chicago