The Architecture of Consumption Series


note: Having grown up in small towns in Texas from the age of 10, my experiences of the world were largely in suburban car culture. 



In its original form, Sunny is a limited edition flip book created at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2003. It has been distributed by Printed Matter of NYC and is in the permanent collection at the Joan Flash Artist's Book Collection at The Art Institute of Chicago. 

All of the photos in this series were captured by me, using 35mm film and sitting in the parking lot of a Target store in Illinois. 


The Ubermall


The Ubermall is a piece I created to explore the extent of big box retail stores across the United States. The development of the piece took about a year and included more than 200-35mm black and white photos of strip malls across the country. I digitally pieced the images together creating a simulated shopping mall I named "The Ubermall". 


The exhibition of the pieces took the form of an installation called “the store”